How to create files & Folders Using the Command Line on Windows!

Creating folders in the command line (CMD) is usually faster and more interesting than creating folders with the mouse or CTRL+SHIFT+N, especially when we have to Create multiple folders and subfolders recursively with some files inside, so using CMD in these situations is very helpful.

If I have a mistake, I am sorry because my English is not my mother tongue and there is a good one!

18 Replies to “How to create files & Folders Using the Command Line on Windows!”

  1. Is there any way to create multiple files on one command line? For example, I tried to write "cd.> main.css index.html services.js" in one line, but it only created the "main.css" file since it was the first one.

  2. not created i entered this code

    cd D:Counter-StrikeAnti-Cheat
    cd.> Guard.dll Recovered By ShieldCheat!

    But Not Created Please Help My!

  3. perfect. i read a few background in cmd and got just a lil knowledge. And I tried this learned a lot 😀 thank you your a savior.. okay its quite too much but thanks anyway

  4. Please tell me how to do an edit replace using the command prompt. Eg. I want to replace the word even with odd (within the contents of the file). If you tell me how to do it for one file I can look at batch processing many others.

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