How To Create a Bootable USB Drive of Linux & Windows Easily 2017

How to Easily Create a Bootable Linux and Windows USB Drive 2017
Make a boot USB drive for any Linux and Windows operating system ISO file and use Live Linux with any bootable USB drive software.
This is the latest full-featured tool for creating startup disks for any Linux distribution and any Windows operating system.

Hi everyone, Today in this tutorial, I will show you how to create a bootable USB or Linux bootable USB drive very easily.
To do this, you need to download Rufush – create …

18 Replies to “How To Create a Bootable USB Drive of Linux & Windows Easily 2017”

  1. Make a video on "how to make multiple of live os can be use in one pandrive with Hiren's BootCD so we have in one pandrive and run live any os like Linux or windows 10 with Hiren's BootCD"

  2. You should try out it’s another tool used to make bootable USBs and it’s also open sources on GitHub and way simpler that that one you’re showing. You should check it out. It’s what I’ve been using for months. It’s can create any bootable USB and it works on Linux, windows, and Mac.

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