How to Auto Farm Hero Merit in Fire Emblem Heroes Without an Emulator! [Android/Windows Tutorial]

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Welcome to the guide on how to use HM automatically in Flame Badge Heroes without using the simulator! This is an Android-only tutorial, so I apologize to Apple and iPhone viewers. If you follow this video step by step, you can grind the hero's prowess and feather it to a new level easily with a brand new 0 stamina hero battle and bound hero battle map! Make sure to leave comments, comments and subscribe to RasouliPlays.


18 Replies to “How to Auto Farm Hero Merit in Fire Emblem Heroes Without an Emulator! [Android/Windows Tutorial]”

  1. Hi thanks for your guide i really appreciate it.
    Unfortunately my mouse recorder doesnt do the same thing.
    When i click record it works fine but then when i click on the screen of my phone on apowermirror the record is losing track of what im doing. Basically each time i click on another windows it loses track of the record. Any help ?

  2. Don't do it, if you turned off your phone, you will have to redo all the processes again. The reward is quite small too not worth the risk. It's a 3rd party app after all.

  3. Im kinda trying to find an emulator for pc to play heroes
    Can i use this 'tutorial' to install it for heroes or something else
    If its something else could you please tell me name of that emulator and how to install it
    Thanks in advance bruv!

  4. F.A.Q!

    Q: Can I get banned for this? A: Yes, any use of third party software with Fire Emblem Heroes can result in a ban.

    Q: If you can get banned, why share a method? A: Because a lot of people continued to ask me how I did it. Plus, it's technically just screen mirroring, and using a script on the mirrored software. But, Nintendo can easily catch on since your pattern is literally the same down to the exact pixel for like six hours straight.

    Q: Would you recommend I use this method to gather Hero Merit? A: No, I never said you should do it, nor did I suggest it – I just showed you how to do it.

    Q: How much faster is this compared to pressing auto battle myself? A: It's not, it's actually slower but you don't have to touch anything anymore is the pro to all this.

    Q: Will the script send home any of my characters by accident, or something similar? A: I highly doubt it, but anything is possible. Although, if your characters are favourited, I don't think it has the required input to go through those specific actions.

    Q: Does my Android device have to be rooted for this to work? A: No, but it has to be Android 5.0+ OS wise.

    Q: What is USB debugging? A: USB debugging is a mode that allows programmed apps to be copied via USB.

    Q: Can I turn off developer options, and USB debugging afterwards? A: Yes, you can turn it off whenever you want I think.

    Q: What do I do after the free trial? A: We shall cross that bridge when we get there!

    Q: Do you use this method personally? A: No, I use an emulator but the result is the same.

    Q: Do you think they will patch Hero Merit farming on Bound Hero Battles and Grand Hero Battles anytime soon? A: I think they might heavily nerf it, because of the amount of exposure it has been getting lately (that I may or may not have been involved in but not even close to entirely being my fault) – I feel it will either get cut to maybe half HM or removed entirely. I hope not though, because 20K feathers still takes a while and we all will eventually run out of units to grind HM for which will push us to summon more characters.

    Q: Where did you get that wallpaper? A: Wallpaper Engine. 🙂

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