GNS3 2.1 Install and configuration on Windows 10 (Part 2): GUI install

This video introduces and demonstrates how to install the GNS3 Windows GUI on a Windows 10 PC. This is a series of videos showing you how to start using GNS3 on Windows.


In this video, I assume that in other words, you have just started using GNS3
You are a newcomer to the GNS3 platform and need to learn how to download and install
And configure GNS3 from scratch.

So let's start using the power of GNS3.

In this example, I will download again…

7 Replies to “GNS3 2.1 Install and configuration on Windows 10 (Part 2): GUI install”

  1. Hi David, during the installation process of the gns3 I got a error on wireshark installation, so I had to skip to finish the installation. but GNS3 seems to be working, at least for the basic topology of the next video. But the question is if I download wireshark from their website and install on my pc, is it possible to integrate with the gns3? or should I uninstall and try to reinstall gns3 again?

  2. While your videos are indeed helpful and provide all the information needed, you provide TOO much extraneous information and speak entirely too slowly (even at 1.5x speed I was thinking "maybe I should move it to 2x…"). No need to say basic information like minimum requirements and tell people if they're on a "pay per gigabyte" plan they should be cautious about what they're downloading multiple times in your video. You probably could have made this video about 5 minutes long (and in general, cut ALL your videos down by half the time) and saved everyone some time. Again, good info though

  3. Hi Mr. Bombal , I would like to ask you what are the recommanded IOS images (Routers and switches) to practice and configure real world senarios in GNS3, thank you 🙂

  4. Hello David, I would like to ask you one. When i install GNS3 2.1 into VM ware workstation, which version of vm are perfect for GNS3 2.1? ( VMware Workstation 14 Pro or VMware Workstation 12 Pro Version 12.5.8 ). Thank alot.

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