Get Windows 7 Games in Windows 8-10 (Updated!)

Updated 8/8/16
New methods to support Windows 10 Anniversary Update are available!
Look here:

Original description
Since I have shown that the old videos of these games have accumulated more than 20,000 views, this is a new improvement method that allows older versions of Windows 7 (even 3 Windows Vista) games in Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 to run. stand up. This method is easier then the one I demonstrated in the elderly…

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  1. 10/10/2017 – the latest Windows 10 update deactivated the games that I installed using this video. I was playing them yesterday; today, my icons are gone and all but the .mui files are gone from my games folder. Is there any help you can give???

  2. Thank you so much Windows 7 does not come with the Vista games so what I did was I clicked your Windows 7 games link and unticked all the games that I already have and now I can play chess and the rest of the games thank you but I do not have ink ball so guess what I clicked your Vista games link

  3. I had two failed attempts to download this new version as I have just gotten the windows 10 anniversary update which disabled the games,  3rd attempt was successful first two were with Firefox browser and Kaspersky Total  Security , 3rd attempt I used IE for the browser and paused my Virus protection for the download and installation.  Funny part about it my stats were still intact from my previous games played when I got it up and running again.    Thanks for the new method it is appreciated .

  4. I just today recently updated Windows 10, the whole update went fine and it changed some of my settings but wasn't a big deal.
    But I cannot run a particular game called "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"
    Everytime I run the game it will pop open, appear a black screen and tabs back to my home screen.
    Please Help!

  5. Hi! This helped me a lot but then Windows 10 just had a HUGE update and it is no longer compatible.   Any way to get my old Solitaire back with the Win10 massive update?  🙁  TY

  6. Can you say where you got this installer from? I want to know it's not adding extra bloatware, spyware, spamware etc. which most of these win7 game installer do. I want to vet the site you got these installers from and the group.

  7. I have a Windows 7 desktop upstairs and a 8.1 laptop on the main floor. I copied the Windows 7 game folder from the program files and put it on a flash drive. It did not work when I put it on the 8.1 laptop. Your method worked ! Thanks. I now have solitaire pinned to the taskbar. As I am not as familiar w 8.1 as I am w 7 I found it somewhat difficult to navigate to the complete list of games on the 8.1 laptop. What I did was to creat a desktop shortcut to all the games. Voila Mission accomplished. Thanks again !

  8. This worked for me the first time! Thank you very much. I upgraded to Windows 10 a couple months ago, then quickly reverted to Windows 7 because Spider Solitaire was missing. I upgraded to Windows 10 today and installed your program. I greatly appreciate having my old games back.

  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this video because I hate the Windows 10 Games features and am very happy to have the original games back, especially Spider and Free cell. Great Job! Your tutorial was very easy to follow and easy to install.

  10. It seems Microsoft has put a stop for people running those games. As for all Windows 10 Insider Preview's that had come out since Windows 10 Build 10586 it doesn't work. It installs with no error but nothing happens when try to run one of those games.

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