I hope I can help you to watch this video.

The solution should work for both wireless and LAN. I forgot a possible fix in the video: You could also try reinstalling the network adapter.

Search & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & # 39; & gt; – Network Adapter – Right click – Uninstall – Operate –

good luck.

Unidentified network access.

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  1. Are you stupid enough to think?
    It is still use an Internet to go to Google DNS!.
    edit : but its working! Thanks! I guess im stupid. But why is it not letting me.


  2. So what I did to fix a HP with Windows 7 was to remove and reinstall all network adapters by going to the Network Reset option under the search button. The computer automatically does the job and after restarting automatically the problem was fix. Hope it helps others.

  3. bro my networks status says internet access but internet not working NO PAGES OPEN IN WEB BROWSER AN NOT ANY APPLICATION RUN which uses internet i try your techniques but i stiil facing problem any tips

  4. My desktop had this problem! No internet connection at all! Even USB Ethernet would not work!
    Before this I made sure all my internet connections drivers were downloaded by another pc and installed.
    So this pc I bought, I looked in programs for JAVA and nope no JAVA, On another pc, I looked up JAVA for windows 7 64 bit and two downloads came up that matches my pc, I choose the first one that sounds compatible with system, then I downloaded it to a SD card and went back to this pc and installed it, and wolla! Before JAVA finished installing all my internet connections lit up WIFI – Ethernet – USB ethernet, BOOOM! This computer is saved! Never forget Everything is Run On By JAVA, Do not forget to check your pc for JAVA installed and check the version for compatible bits system and hardware! and make sure its up to date.
    I tried for days to get my pc working with all these tips on you tube, but nope none of these tips worked!
    This may help others so pass it on, thanks

  5. Thanks for the only really decent solution.
    The only addition I had to do was due to a message displayed that my internet was blocked and to check firewall settings. Control Panel – System & Security – Windows Firewall – Restore Defaults option.

    Absolutely no idea why I needed to make all of these changes (needed to do every step you suggested).
    No changes made to my laptop except a windows auto update which I uninstalled, but it was working fine until I turned laptop on next day. All other tablets and Android connected fine.
    The wifi router is in an office that condo owners can connect to. Did they do something to it that prevented my laptop from connecting? Was it because of excess data use?
    This happened randomly once before and i just uninstalled wifi driver and restarted and driver reinstall fixed it.

    Is there a reason you can offer as to why it happened?

  6. i have a desktop and had internet issues first the problem was a simple driver issue for the ethernet connection, now i cannot figure out the wifi problem and have tried everything anyone have any opinions ?

  7. Thank you sooooooooo much, dude! You are awesome! I've been trying to fix this fu** problem for hours, and finally I've found an awesome guy who shared different solutions. Disabling and then enabling ipv6 was the one that did the magic for me! Thanks a million! πŸ˜€

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