21 Replies to “Deploy MDT 2013 and Windows 10 from scratch”

  1. Great video, however please don't suggest people to use a Data Center install with the Hyper-V role installed when you would end up defeating the purpose of virtualizing infrastructure. Always install Hyper-V (latest release) FIRST, then install Windows OS as needed. Performing a role installation like he did would basically marry your license to the physical machine, which isn't smart.

  2. Was/Is there any lab documents that are associated with this tutorial video. If where are they located. This is one of the best datail wise tutorial videos I have found on this subject and it would be great to have the notes that you used to create it. I'm just asking before I start to create my own.

  3. Offline Media Note: The bootstrap.ini file should NOT contain a DeployRoot value as all required content should be contained in the created media rather than being accessed from a Deployment Share. the deployment kit tried to find the deployment root path which stopped the installation as it was on the network. and of course this defeats the purpose of creating a offline media.

  4. It would be really great to have the environment preparation sequence as checklist, so that you can follow along asynchronos and don't have to pause the video all the time to proceed the steps.

  5. Hi guys thanks for this great video, i got a question.. let me explain first, after various installed PCs successfully, i got one PC with error before finish the process of upgrade from Xp to 7, MDT didn't load a driver network, so the upgrade process stopped, and didn't restore the user data and settings, i was looking the user data over the hdd and i couldn't find it, do you know any way to restore the user data and settings manually.?? or where MDT save it.??
    thanks.. sorry for my bad english

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