26 Replies to “cara Multi-user pc 1 cpu 2 user(multiseat in windows)”

  1. bang, kalau untuk penggunaan USB FlashDisk/FlashDrive, apakah bisa dibedakan tiap terminal?
    misal kita plug in FlashDisk ke USB Port, apakah semua terminal bisa lihat atau bisa dibedakan/dibikin private misal USB Port A utk Terminal 1, USB Port B utk Terminal 2, dst? sehingga antar user/terminal g bisa akses USB FlashDisk terminal lain.

  2. sir.. why i cant enable aster? there's an error says 1150. and every time i run aster there's an error as well.says your windows is not compatible.but i try some tutorials to update my window but nothing happens.. my OS is Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1.. plsss help me sir.. thank you

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