Best Windows 10 modded editions: #1 Gamer edition x86/x64


Windows 10 player version + cracked version.
If you have problems, please fill in the following comments.
This version is created with the highest performance in the game. If this video helps you like and subscribe please.
I tried this version, I guarantee it is very fast, and to maintain the full performance of the PC, I sometimes suggest that you open the "run" voice and enter "msconfig", go to "start" and delete all unwanted programs at startup Needed.

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5 Replies to “Best Windows 10 modded editions: #1 Gamer edition x86/x64”

  1. Can't say I endorse this mod; if I could take back the view on this video I would. Why have modded windows 10 when you can;
    1: get Windows 10 for free, only limited in some cosmetic features.
    2: use the tool known as O&O ShutUp10, which disables the spyware-related "features" of Windows 10.
    and 3: have an honestly better looking theme than that garbage metro-aero hybrid looking garbage, that takes up less background GPU due to its use of solid colors rather than gradients or images, not that it adds much GPU overhead comaparably nowadays anyway, but it's likely still worth mentioning.
    I'm also inclined to agree with +HyperTechJan in that it looks closer to a reskinned Windows 8/8.1 than a Windows 10 build, but I honestly would rather leave that up to speculation than to have this OS on any of my computers.
    A much better option IMO is the Windows Embedded 8.1-based Windows 9 by EastCoast.Hosting .

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