Best Free DAWs for Music & Sound Design (Best Available in 2018!)

Best free DAW for music, sound design and any audio. These are the best free versions of Windows(PC), Mac and Linux in 2018! There are even some free mobile and online browsers (browsers). Digital audio workstations are indispensable tools for modern audio engineers or producers, so why not learn?

Download link:
Audiotool: (Started by pressing the application on the navigation bar.)
GarageBand: …

27 Replies to “Best Free DAWs for Music & Sound Design (Best Available in 2018!)”

  1. I'm new to this stuff, but I've been using Audacity for sending ideas for songs to my band. Just some super basic stuff. Though after looking through few of the choices you presented, I think I'm gonna try SoundBridge.

  2. Should put a warning up about Soundbridge that it requires connections the internet to "activate" the program. Nothing like reporting in that you're making music and who knows what else its sharing. I never would have signed up if I had known this up front. Also, I can't find a way to cancel your account except maybe by emailing them directly. But will they? In this day and age of data theft and spying, is this reasonable to accept? If you're comfortable with this, good on ya.

  3. Thank you for including Linux in your list. Most of these reviews don't include Linux…which is odd, since the whole operating system is free and opensource. One would think that if they are talking about "free" stuff, they would include the things for "free" operating systems.

  4. LMMS was my favorite, until I found out that you can't record audio into it. You can manipulate audio, but can't record it. Now I use Qtractor, which is great for all of the things!

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