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  1. Can you use a dual monitor setup for both machines using the same monitors on both machines? I have 2 monitors, 2 pcs, 2 mice, 2 keyboards. Currently, both pcs can use both monitors (I have to switch the input on the monitors). Most often, I use one pc with dual monitors. I still want that capability, but I'd like to also be able to have one monitor with one pc so that I can use both pcs simultaneously, too. Is there a way that Synergy can support what I want to use it for? Make sense?

  2. Question: my computers are connected over a second router( this second connected to a first router which via cable) –> my client computer says connected to ip address but my server says : waiting for clients …why arent they connecting properly does anyone know ?

  3. Do I need a USB Keyboard and mouse or can it work with the wired keyboard and mouse? It's getting kinda annoying switching back and forth my mouse and keyboard to the back of both my computers!

  4. I have both Server and Client connected. Can't find in any forums why the mouse and keyboard isn't moving from the server to client and client to server. The reason why? Well I have as my server: Windows XP and as my client: Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron with Wine, and Samba is installed for it to both work. What I did is put the windows application of .exe in Ubuntu under wine its connected both on the Server and Client. But, I can't move the mouse or keyboard in my server!!!

  5. Works great, thank you. There is a little problem I have though. I am able to switch from the host to the client, but I can't switch back for some reason. How do I configure this? Or how did you do it?

  6. I would like to know why my cursor is lags when going to my client computer. I have a full connection between my desktop and my netbook. My desktop (the host) runs XP SP2 and my netbook (the client) runs XP SP3. The cursor runs nice and smooth until it crosses over to the netbook, where it lags. But if I move the cursor on my netbook with the touchpad, it's smooth again untill I use the mouse from my desktop. What's causing this?

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